Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Geometric Necklace

 I found some really fun geometric necklaces on craftgawker, but they were made out of paper/paint chips. I  kinda laughed at the idea because "Paper is way too flimsy to wear."  Right?  I kept seeing more and more of them being posted and then I finally decided "Why not try it?" (They were very cute.)  So I pulled out some paper, glue, and a little nail polish. Since I wasn't using paint chips, which naturally have a sheen, I painted on some clear nail polish. It not only gives it a shine, but protects the paper.

Very quick and super easy.

  1. Draw a "V" on the corner of a sheet of paper.  Make it 1/4" up, 1 1/8" across,  and  1 1/8" up, and   1/4" over. Cut on the line. Cut out three "V"s, each out of a different color.

  2.  Rub glue on the back of all three colors.  Place them down on a white sheet of paper, putting the bottom color down first and so on up.

3.   Cut around the outline.

4.   Brush on a light coat of clear nail polish.  Let it dry.  Poke one hole in the top of each corner.

Put a link of chain in each hole and then attach desired length of chain.

You are ready to wear it!


  1. Hi Molly Elizabeth! I love your blogs!!

    This necklace is so cute! I can't wait to try making this with my cousins. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So lovely! I love creating jewels using paper! I'd be glad if you come and visit my paper jewels: link! Kisses from Italy!

    1. Wow, I know I'm not Molly Elizabeth but your blog is cool, beyond cool, and awesome ness to the power of cool! I'd like to know, does it have an English version???!

      Sakura Yamamoto

  3. It's Sakura Yamamoto again! I found this bookmark from an art museum, you know, the paper ones for free, and it's really colorful and pretty, and it's really shiny and durable! I was thinking that it wound be perfect for this!